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Vientiane to Hanoi by Sleeper Bus

Laos Border/Immigration

Sometimes you just got to do something you know will just be outright unpleasant doing it, but afterwards you know you will laugh about it, and call it an experience. Catching a sleeper bus from Laos to Vietnam is one such experience – in fact it is 1.219 megawatts of…
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Bangkok to Vientiane by Train, Bus and Mini Van


We  were now at somewhat of a dilemma with our travels. We were effectively four weeks behind where we wanted to be at this stage due to my knee operation. I still had eight weeks of rehabilitation to do for my knee so that would slow our travel even further. …
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Jomtien Beach and My Knee Surgery


Jomtien Beach is just north of Pattaya and is the quiet part of town, if such a thing as quiet is possible when you are next to what is called Sin City as Pattaya is. Jomtien Beach is a popular tourist destination for Russians. We were staying at the Amazon…
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Ho Chi Minh to Pattaya


Leaving Ho Chi Minh and heading back to Pattaya in Thailand would disrupt our itinerary for about five weeks. This would mean some severe rethinks on how we would get around, do we retrace our steps back to Ho Chi Minh and continue up the Vietnam coast, or do we…
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Mekong River Cruise – Part 3

Day 6 Tan Chau - My Anh Hung Village49

The crew of the Jahan had a rather simple way of recording which passengers had left the boat and when they had arrived back. When we exited the boat there was a large board with all the cabin numbers on it twice. When both passengers from that room were on…
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