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New Delhi and our Myanmar Visa Application


Just because I may look like an angel there are times on this trip when I certainly did not smell like an angel. Clothing gets worn a lot more whilst travelling for an extended period of time than it would be at home. Getting laundry done regularly is such a…
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Varanasi, the Holy City of India


The day before was an extraordinarily long day and, for our sins, we were up the next morning at 5.45am for our 6am taxi to Gorakhpur Train Station and our 7.50am train to Varanasi. I, like most people, have seen pictures of overladen trains in India with people hanging off…
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Overland from Kathmandu to the Indian Border


We caught a Taxi to the bus station in Kathmandu at 6am for our 6.45am bus. The bus station was alive with people and various bus companies were touting their business to places all over Nepal. We had no idea where to go so we showed one tout our online…
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Kathmandu and Applying for our Indian Visas


Kathmandu is only 1400 metres above sea level and our ‘altitude sickness symptoms’ immediately disappeared on landing at the airport. Di never looks like crap, but I certainly looked far crappier than I usually do after having virtually no sleep in Lhasa. We both were looking forward to hitting the…
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Last day in Tibet and our Flight to Kathmandu

Gandan Monastery

For our last full day in Lhasa we would head out to Ganden Monastery which is a 40 km drive out of Lhasa. The group we were with the previous days were heading for an overnight stay at another location. We would be joined on our trip this day by…
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