Who are Di & Dave

FullSizeRender (2)Hi from Di

I am incredibly excited to go into my 60th year travelling the world with my lifelong partner, David. I have always been a traveller, heading off as soon as I could after finishing High School. I would save every year to go on an adventure, year after year, and eventually living in some amazing places, such as Papua New Guinea when I was 19, the UK in my early 20’s, USA in my late 20’s, and Thailand in my 50’s. I was always a “go getter”, I wanted adventure and excitement, always looking for something new to do; from becoming a Scuba Diving Instructor and setting up my own business, in the mid 70’s, where there were only three female instructors in Australia at the time; joining the New South Wales Police Force in the early 80’s when there were only 500 women and 13,000 men; a career that spanned 25 years; a track & field athlete – another long career spanning 35 years; mountain bike riding, learning to surf – unsuccessfully I might add; surf boat rowing; bodybuilding competitor; running my Personal Training business over 20 years working around shift work with the Police and looking after two young children, with the help of my husband, who was working fulltime in the NSW Police and doing his Masters in Adult Education. In the middle of all this busyness, we headed off on a round the world trip with our 2 year old daughter for 8 weeks!!

Ahh yes life was busy and hectic and I loved it!!

Life has slowed down somewhat in my 50’s due to injuries, and I have had to look at activities that were less taxing on my body, and nurtured my mind. It was a tough ask after a lifetime of intense activities, and it took some time to accept that my body wasn’t like it used to be and I had to slow down. Then along came the most amazing idea that David came up with ….. “let’s travel the world without catching a plane after we retire”. I am almost OCD with planning and research, so this was going to be so much fun planning this adventure. The spreadsheet of all speadsheets came into fruition!!!

I think the hardest part of this adventure will be leaving behind my two adult children: Charlotte 24 old and Jesse 19 old; both at University and living amazing lives. Fortunately they have inherited the travelling gene and they have planned their own adventures in the coming years, and it certainly helps that Mum and Dad are going to fund some of their trips to meet up with us.
As I write this we have 42 days to go!!!!!! Thank you David for texting me almost every day for the past 6 months with a countdown.

Hello from Dave

Well hello there, my name is Dave and I am your host.

I am coming up to my 55th birthday and I have decided to turn my world completely upside down and walk out into the unknown. I do this though with a degree of experience after immigrating to Australia from Lancashire in England with my parents to find a better ‘life’ in the early 1970’s. Then being an avid traveller throughout my 20’s as a single man to continuing to travel to seek adventure with my wife Diane until our early 30’s when the kids arrived. This did not dampen our desires, and with the kids in tow we visited England, Europe, Asia and America. The kids are gone now and the desires for travel still burn deep with Diane and I – so why not lock the house up, tell the kids they are completely on their own and not to get married in the near future, get the Superannuation and hit the open road – spend the inheritance!!

Diane and I hope to circumnavigate the world without flying. No we love flying so fear of flying is not an issue. So why travel without flying? Simple, in 2006 we travelled for two years with a lot of it overland by train and bus. This was when we really found that there is so much to see and experience in-between airports. A tourist will jump on an aeroplane and fly to a capital city, they will spend 5 – 7 days there and get their photo taken with all the key landmarks, Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, Statue of Liberty, etc. They will enjoy their rushed 5 – 7 days and then race to the airport to fly to the next location and repeat the above. Then fly to next location and then fly home with a two-day stopover somewhere to recover before they start work again on Monday morning. Diane and I have done this in our time and enjoyed it. True travel though breaks the shackles of time, and true travel gets you entrenched in those locations between capital cities – true travel is venturing through all those places you normally fly over going to the capital city – this is where the adventure is.

When I was 18, I set myself five goals to achieve. I wanted to see the highest mountain in the world, Everest of course. I did this on the day of my 25th birthday in 1986. I wanted to see the biggest hole in the world, the Grand Canyon of course. I did this when I was 23, and again when I was with Diane and my daughter Charlotte in 1994 and I did it in 2003 with Diane, Charlotte and son Jesse. I wanted to see three football matches live. They were the World Cup Final, which I saw in 1982 in Spain. The English FA Cup Final which I saw in 1986. A Manchester Derby with Manchester City victorious which I saw with Jesse in 2007. I wanted to Scuba dive a shipwreck, which I did with Diane in 1989 in the Cook Islands. I wanted to work overseas which I did in 2006 – 2008 when I worked at a University in Thailand, summer school in England and with a language school in Saudi Arabia.

Okay, so I have done what I wanted to do – time to re-evaluate, re-plan and set new goals – so why not travel the world without flying, someone has got to do it and it might as well be me. So please let me be your guide on this blog and come with us on our journey. Who knows we may well meet up on the travellers’ road and share tall tales and true over a beer or six in some exotic location.